Banking Law in PakistanAMA Law Associates offer legal services in Pakistan as to various local and foreign financial institutions in the areas of financing as well as recoveries of loans and finances. Our legal services relate to loan documentation for commercial banks and non-banking financial institutions such as organize financing agreements, documentation for financial derivatives, documentation for term finance certificates, documentation for housing finance, documentation for morabaha, musharika and other Islamic finance products, hire purchase agreements, lease agreements and consumer finance agreements.

Our Law firm also offers legal services to financial institutions in the Banking Courts and High Courts. Banking litigation encompasses of filing recovery suits on behalf of financial institutes and obtaining decrees in the shortest possible period. Execution of the decree is a process that tends to be slow if not pursed diligently by the counsel. The professional lawyers of AMA Law Associates have main objective is to recover unpaid debt for our clients in the shortest possible time.

AMA Law Associates concentrates all of its professional efforts and resources in the specialized field of Federal Bank Regulatory Law. Our law firm has main emphasis upon and specializes in the defense of federally insured financial institution and their officers and directors in all matters pertaining to supervisory bank examinations conducted by all of the Federal Bank Regulatory Agencies to assess compliance with all applicable Federal Banking Laws, rules and regulations governing the operations of financial institutions.