Pakistan's Intellectual Property FirmAMA Law Associates offers highly specialized legal services in the areas of anti-counterfeiting, design and computer contracts, as well as advertisement, media, publishing and entertainment. We provide our clients with extensive services relating to agreements for the use, supply and licensing and maintenance of software.

Specifically, the law consultancy offered by our firm include preparing applications for patents and trademark registrations and pursuing these applications through issuance by the Patent and Trademark Office and maintaining these items of intellectual property in force for our clients. Our legal team also works with our international associates to obtain corresponding protection in countries outside Pakistan. Our law firm offer representation to clients in patent and trademark litigation including alternative-dispute resolution processes such as arbitration and mediation.

AMA Law Associates also offers protection of trade rights in product packaging and service presentation and protection of proprietary information and trade secrets against theft or unfair competition, including nondisclosure, non-competition, anti-solicitation and anti-piracy issues.

The modern economy is fast emerging as a global economy. The composition of world business is changing and one centrifugal force that is supporting this change and would regulate more closely in time to come is Intellectual Property Laws & Practices. Therefore understanding of International Intellectual Property Laws and Practices for regulating and protecting one’s business, world over, becomes critical for the business growth. The exploitation of Intellectual Property has become an Industry in itself, as the cost of development and protection of Intellectual Property is enormous and the suffering from the loss of Intellectual Property could be fatal. The numbers of major “Intellectual Property Wars” are growing between competitors and contemporaries, besides growing threat from international exploiters, causing great damages to one’s Intellectual Property.

AMA Law Associates provides assistance in transfer of technology, licensing, remittance, accounting of damages for infringements, verification of royalties and license fee.