Law Consultancy Firm PakistanAt AMA Law Associates known as a professional law consultancy firm  in Pakistan, our team consists of a good mix of both young and seasoned professionals. All qualified lawyers, including foreign and Pakistani educated attorneys, are diligently committed to guiding and steering our clients through their complex situations.

Our maxim is legal creativity, hard work and discipline. Our expertise comprises a vast compass with special focus on Corporate, Contracts, Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Criminal, Tax services, Civil, Revenue, Family, Arbitration Law, International Trade and Commercial Law, Banking & Finance, Drafting of legal documents and registration, Information Technology Law, Labor, Service & Industrial Law, Constitutional Matters and litigation. Our clear understanding and positive strategy in serving our clients’ needs has established us as one of the top tire litigation houses in the country. Finally, it is fundamental to state here that our litigation team possesses the but also in other countries across the globe.

AMA Law Associates litigation practice in all areas of law is eminent in the country and we focus on obtaining effective and equitable results for our clients. The firm’s highly qualified litigation specialists have a diverse litigation practice in Lower courts, High courts, Banking courts and the Supreme Court in Pakistan. Having one of the best teams of lawyers in Pakistan. AMA Law Associates is providing the finest legal services in many areas in Pakistan and UK, including:

Major Law Expertise of Professional Law Consultancy Firm in Pakistan

Our core law expertise are:

  • Administrative Law of Pakistan
  • Adoption Laws of Pakistan
  • Energy
  • Legal Agreements
  • Arbitration Laws of Pakistan
  • Aviation Laws of Pakistan
  • Contempt Law of Pakistan
  • Contract Law of Pakistan
  • Copyright Law of Pakistan
  • Corporate Laws of Pakistan
  • Criminal Law of Pakistan
  • Partnership Laws of Pakistan
  • Patents Law of Pakistan
  • Property Laws of Pakistan
  • Real Estate Laws of Pakistan
  • Banking Laws of Pakistan
  • Business Laws of Pakistan
  • Civil Law of Pakistan
  • Commercial Laws of Pakistan
  • Company Law of Pakistan
  • Construction Law of Pakistan
  • Customs Duty Laws of Pakistan
  • Defamation Law of Pakistan
  • Designs Law of Pakistan
  • Dispute Resolution Law
  • Divorce Laws of Pakistan
  • Sales Tax Laws of Pakistan
  • Sale of Goods Laws of Pakistan
  • Taxation Laws of Pakistan
  • Trademark Law of Pakistan
  • Appeal work in UK