Legal Practice Areas in PakistanAMA Law Associates reputed law firm in Pakistan provides complete legal services including corporate laws, company laws, banking laws, administrative laws, civil laws, custom laws, criminal laws, property laws, intellectual laws and civil litigation. We provide a whole range of legal services mainly Tax, Corporate Matters, Financial Affairs, Intellectual Property, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation, Mortgage Loans / Refinancing Transactions, Securities & Capital Markets, Offshore Investment / Company Registration, International Commercial Transactions and White Collar Crime precisely detailed below. We have a strong presence in Lahore, Islamabad and UK by providing legal services to our respected clients. As a law firm, we are strongly commitment to our clients’ needs and to do so in a way that is efficient, cost effective and most importantly relevant to the issues that they face. Our law facilitates committed personal service and ensures that sufficient resources are available to meet the demands of the modern day legal practice. AMA Law Associates offers law consultancy in Pakistan with the emphasis on professionalism in the following fields:

Legal Practice Areas in Pakistan

Our primary legal areas of practice in Pakistan are listed below:

» Energy
» Admiralty Laws
» Arbitration & ADR
» Aviation Laws
» Bankruptcy/Liquidation/Restructuring
» Banking and Finance
» Civil & Criminal Litigation
» Corporate/Financial Transactions
» Cyber Laws
» Family Laws
» Foreign Investment
» Human Rights & Civil Liberties
» Immigration
» International Commercial Transactions
» Intellectual Property
» Investigation Group
» Labour Laws
» Mergers, Acquisitions & Joint Ventures
» Mortgage Loans / Refinancing Transactions
» Offshore Investment / Company Registration
» Real Estate Transactions
» Securities & Capital Markets
» Tax Laws
» White Collar Crime

Other major practice areas in addition to those listed above include Dispute resolution, Foreign Direct Investment, Government business/regulatory law, law relating to e-commerce, telecommunications, energy, oil and gas and environment laws.